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    April 30, 2018 Virtual Classroom: Today's Top Training Tool by Phyllis Simon, Director, Sales and Marketing

    Video technology in the workplace has been around for a while. For trainers in our industry, however, this incredibly powerful training tool is also one of the most under-used.

    So often we hear how great it is to have self-study through e-learning, 'but nothing beats that face-to-face' we get by being in the classroom. According to Bob Dylan, 'times they are a'changin.' According to everyone else, times have already changed. It's not very practical from a time, cost and distance perspective to bring everyone into the classroom. Of course not. Not if you're dealing with a dispersed employee group.

    But what if you could connect those employees with your training specialist virtually? What if you could simulate a traditional classroom experience in a virtual environment? Everyone stays exactly where they are and comes to one centralized (virtual) classroom through their computers.

    There's not much you can't do in a virtual classroom. You can:

    • Access live webcam video
    • Share applications
    • Record class sessions
    • Text online
    • Produce class reports

    Using this video technology effectively is a skill. As our roots are in video and training, we'd love to help you become a virtual classroom master.

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