• Maximizing sales by putting
    a face to digital banking

    There is video banking
    and then there is ClickBranch

    Video banking = call center
    = professional relationship

    When you engage your members face-to-face with the appropriate product experts, you can provide the kind of personal service that leads to a wealth of sales opportunities. Every ClickBranch interaction is a chance to build relationships, uncover needs, resolve issues, make recommendations and close the sale.



Re-establish face-to-face relationships
with digital members
Increase high value sales and
decrease online abandonment rate
Enhance member
satisfaction and loyalty
Lower staff and premises costs
Put the right people in the right
place at the right time
Gain a unique competitive advantage
to attract new members


The complete and
affordable solution
Secure and reliable
on all devices
Internal / External
communication with
highest quality
video and audio
Seamless integration
with your website, IT
and all staff
Full scalability
Comprehensive technical, organizational and training support
40+ years experience
enhancing member
service for credit unions

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