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American Airlines
Credit Union

How Trust and Quality
Power a National Network

Enabling Training to Soar

Like the industry it serves, American Airlines Credit Union works tirelessly to keep a national network on the move.

In serving 47 branches and more than 600 employees across the country, the training team at the credit union has to be swift, current and able to ensure a consistent, powerful learning experience.

Creating the Right Team

The training team - consisting of multiple instructors, technical writers and an internal team of specialists - is constructed to serve the scope and depth of their network.

BVS is the partner that helps that team operate to the best of its abilities.

American Airlines Credit Union relies on BVS for training content and a platform of the highest caliber. Because of the unparalleled quality and responsiveness, the credit union is free to take its training program to greater heights.

How BVS Empowers the Credit Union's
Compliance Training

  • High-quality content, produced by compliance experts

  • Timely, relevant information

  • The confidence to trust BVS for all of its needs

When Trust Equals Time

Why does American Airlines Credit Union utilize BVS for nearly all of its compliance training?

"The quality of the courses and the management system is so good that my team and I barely have to touch it," says Denise Kelley, Manager of Training & Development at the credit union. "Everything is up-to-date, well ahead of time. It's a high-quality program that we can roll out in a consistent fashion."

In being able to trust its compliance training to BVS, the team frees itself up to create a wealth of training programs that add value to the business.

"Knowing that qualified compliance experts work for BVS gives us great confidence. Other training providers try to sell us lower-priced products, but you can't really put a price tag on that quality of expertise."

The Benefits

  • Vast reduction in time needed to take courses

  • Significant cost savings

  • The convenience of doing training on-demand

Keeping Traffic Moving

American Airlines Credit Union runs a high volume of specialist curriculums out of its headquarters. Every few days, some 20-30 team members are brought in from across the country for courses.

Often, multiple courses are run at once. These numbers ramp up even more around quarterly programs, such as lending symposiums.

BVS Dynamic Learning gives the credit union the ability to fluidly manage this process. The system seamlessly tracks assignments, maintains records and adjusts registrations.

The platform makes management at a national scale possible.

"I could not ask for a more responsive partner than BVS. Any time I'm implementing something new and have a question, the team takes care of it swiftly. The people at BVS listen, are responsive and proactive."

Responsiveness at the Heart of the Partnership

American Airlines Credit Union can count on the BVS team to act quickly with help on course customization, curriculums and assignments, especially in response to fast-moving regulatory requirements.

BVS is quick to guide Kelley and the team through any questions regarding a new project. Often, the team finds that the functionality they need is already available on Dynamic Learning.

A Smooth Ride

The training program at the credit union has vastly transformed over the last decade, thanks in part due to the support, technology and intelligence that BVS has provided in that time.

In partnering with a company that delivers beyond expectations, the training team has been given the time and energy needed to focus on those additional areas of importance.

The trust, quality and responsiveness that BVS provides helps the credit union training team run a vibrant program at a national level.

"Every company says they'll be responsive. BVS actually delivers. They make me feel like I have a voice. It's a true partnership, where BVS does the things that make our lives so much better."