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Coastal Credit Union

When Training is Only
as Strong as the Weakest Link

A Mismatch of Partners

Coastal Credit Union (Coastal) paired BVS courseware with a learning management system (LMS) from a different provider.

The training material worked seamlessly. Yet, the LMS left much to be desired.

"We needed an LMS that was intuitive, flexible and able to simplify our training processes," said Reca Callis, Training Manager at Coastal. "Yet, what our previous provider gave us was something far from user-friendly."

The Impacts of a Faulty LMS

  • Simple tasks became unwieldy and complex

  • Time and energy lost through unnecessary effort

  • No support from the provider

"Moving to BVS Dynamic Learning was a true game changer for us. The efficiency we get from BVS definitely has a positive impact on costs and the bottom line. The platform was what we dreamed of having and what we needed."

An Immediate Difference

With the BVS account team running several training sessions for Coastal ahead of time, Callis and her team were well prepared to take advantage of the platform's capabilities from the start.

As Callis notes, "Once we were set up, the automation of our processes was already there. We immediately realized the benefits of the system."

The once-manual processes that took up a lot of time on the old LMS are handled in just a few clicks on Dynamic Learning.

The Benefits

  • Extensive capacity freed up

  • Redeployment of staff to address departmental needs

  • More output, less cost

"Under the old system, we used to have trouble making our deadlines for rolling out quarterly curriculums. With BVS, we have our training uploaded and delivered well before the target date. This has a significant impact on productivity."

The Support of a True Partnership

True to their expectations, Coastal has enjoyed an unparalleled level of support from the BVS team.

With training processes running more efficiently than ever, Callis and her team now rely on BVS for direction as they work towards expanding their program.

"The guidance from BVS is what most people desire from their providers, but often don't get," Callis says. "With more time and resources at our disposal we want to try new things - and whenever we get stuck, we can always count on BVS to show us the way."

Room for Growth

Coastal has begun to expand its training offerings, tapping into the vast library of courses that BVS has on offer. The variety and easy-to-access model of the courseware is helping the training team expand its work with business leaders across the credit union.

"Having such a wide variety of content encourages further collaboration with our business units," Callis says.

"The response is enthusiastic - they are amazed to see the variety of courses we have."

"BVS has helped vastly transform and enhance the training experience at Coastal. And as demand for training grows across the business, the company continues to help us realize bigger ambitions. BVS has put everything we need right at our fingertips."