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Members Cooperative
Credit Union

Leaning on Better Learning
to Maximize Potential

Seeking a Stronger Foundation

When the time came for Members Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU) to consider a new training provider in 2012, the priority was finding one that could provide up-to-date compliance material.

In looking at what BVS had to offer, the credit union's Director of Learning & Development, Kathlynn McConnell, saw unparalleled quality, depth and support.

Being a staunch proponent of quality education, McConnell understood the potential for BVS to create a more engaging, intelligent and effective learning environment.

How Did BVS Provide a Better Learning Experience?

  • A variety of media choices, suited for all learners

  • Hands-on support

  • Vast options for professional development

Guiding an Institution Through Growth

In 2012, training at MCCU was a one-person operation, focused on compliance.

Today, training is much more robust, led by three full-time staff and featuring a vibrant career development program.

The key to this growth was the ability of the BVS team to recognize where the learning and development department was, advise a course of action and help the team through the process of achieving their learning goals for the organization.

"Because BVS provides so many options, the close partnership they have with us is essential in helping us expand our vision and grow the program for the betterment of our team members."

Building a Dynamic Program with Courseware

Beyond diversity and depth, BVS courses have proven instrumental in growing the MCCU program in other ways.

The high quality of the compliance material, developed by experts, enables MCCU to rely heavily on BVS courses for compliance training. This has freed a lot of capacity to expand in other areas of development.

A wide variety of course formats allows the institution's team members to gain knowledge on important topics without adding onto their workloads.

"I wanted to offer our team members more knowledge without overwhelming them. BVS met that challenge. It's clear that BVS continuously listens to clients and knows what they need ahead of time."

Benefits Achieved

  • A more knowledgeable staff

  • Greater collaboration with management

  • Efficiencies realized in multiple areas

A Focus on Unlocking Potential

Training at MCCU has become a key part of the institution's strategic development plan.

The learning and development team collaborates closely with various managers to gauge the success of training and map out the future direction based on needs or emerging trends.

The institution ensures that anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and skill set can do so.

"There is a true culture of learning and development happening here," McConnell says. "We want to focus on maximizing the potential of our team members and have them fully invested in their growth."

A Future Centered on Learning

BVS has supported MCCU through a period of rapid growth, namely through a substantial merger in 2015/16.

With more time and resources now at the learning and development team's disposal, BVS is helping the institution further expand its training program. The aim is on developing even more pathways to professional development for individuals.

"We continue to think about our future and how we can address learning and development with new tools," McConnell said. "Again, having BVS right there to help us see and utilize new options in the system is so useful."

"BVS is a valuable investment for us. Our team members learn better because of the variety and quality of the courses. We get immediate support and guidance. They help us consistently get to the next level."