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    BVS Performance Solutions is dedicated to helping financial institutions enrich their customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability through staff training, state-of-the-art direct video communication internally and externally, and consumer financial literacy education.

    By focusing solely on financial services, we have built a deep understanding of what drives customer relationships, what makes staff efficient and effective, and what makes FIs successful. For more than 40 years, we have helped thousands of FIs seamlessly navigate major industry changes.

    All BVS products are developed and supported in-house — from determining latest trends in financial services, to developing content and creating tools, to ensuring current regulatory requirements are met. You can count on receiving a secure, fully integrated solution along with timely expert support.

    If your bottom-line matters to you, you should be talking to us. Call (800) 553-5972 or send us a message.

  • Roy Karon

    Brandon Lackey
    Chief Information Security Officer

    Robin Chaffe
    Executive Vice President
    Account Management

    Jim Erickson
    Chief Financial Officer

    Kate Merchant
    Learning Director

    Michael Sacks
    Executive Vice President
    National Accounts

    Phyllis Simon
    Director, Sales and Marketing

    Jeff Torp
    Compliance Director

    Karen Vondracek
    Vice President, Administration

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