Help Account Holders and Prospects take the guesswork out of FDIC and NCUA Insurance.

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  • Staff Training

    Diverse, interactive online training to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing banking environment. Up-to-date compliance courses that will have both your examiners and learners applauding. A user-friendly, comprehensive LMS that makes assigning and customizing a breeze.

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  • Turn your current video communication tool into the sales tool you’ve always wanted.

    Building trusting relationships 'in-person, on-site' has been successfully replaced by 'in-person, on-video.' If your sales strategy depends on value and trust, a direct, person-to-person video connection can make the difference. Your video, our secret sauce. A partnership made in heaven.

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  • Community Education

    From childhood through retirement, FinancialGuru provides video-based lifestage financial education directly from your website. CRA obligations? We can help. Best of all, account holders and prospects won't need to go elsewhere for information. One-stop shopping.

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  • Sleep tight — Your money is safe!

    Bankers weren't the only people to get a massive heads up with the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. Depositors at all levels wondered: "What about me? Are my funds safe?" As a bank/credit union CEO, you want to ensure that your account holders understand and are taking full advantage of FDIC and NCUA protection, so read on for a few tips on how you can help them leverage that insurance coverage.

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