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  • Staff Training

    Diverse, interactive online training to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing banking environment. Up-to-date compliance courses that will have both your examiners and learners applauding. A user-friendly, comprehensive LMS that makes assigning and customizing a breeze.

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  • Direct Video Banking Connection
    with Account Holders and Staff

    It doesn't matter where you — or they — are located. Video banking connections are no longer 'a nice to have.' If you care about maintaining trusting relationships when being in the same physical space isn't possible or convenient, you NEED ClickBranch.

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  • Community Education

    From childhood through retirement, FinancialGuru provides video-based lifestage financial education directly from your website. CRA obligations? We can help. Best of all, account holders and prospects won't need to go elsewhere for information. One-stop shopping.

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Why BVS?

For over 40 years, we've been providing 1,000+ financial institutions with secure service, comprehensive in-house development and support, and solutions that foster strong relationships and drive value.
At BVS we believe if you take care of your staff, your staff will take care of your customers and
your customers will take care of your reputation.

BVS Blog

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  • August 2021
    Who's That Knocking at Your Door?

    I spend a lot of time talking to people about cybercrime and how they can ready themselves against cyberattacks. What I have observed in those conversations is that after years of breaches, ransomware, exploits, countless news stories/cycles and anecdotal tales, the hacker has taken on a near supernatural persona. It is as if these criminals are practitioners of some type of magic and that your only means of protection is to stand in a salt circle or hide in a hole.

    Fortunately, cybercriminals are not supernatural and their attacks do not involve any magic. To protect yourself and your interests from these scammers, you need to demystify what they are attempting to do and apply the same common-sense types of behaviors already in use in other aspects of your life.

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