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Dynamic Learning is What it Looks Like
When the Light Comes On.

All financial institution training is definitely NOT the same. If you're looking for a partner to support your culture of learning, you'll want to test drive Dynamic Learning and see the difference for yourself. Discover hidden gems. Watch your learners' faces light up. And thank your lucky stars
you've finally escaped an administrative nightmare.

Fresh and rewarding game-based learning

For today's learners, games are a must. American Mogul promotes active learning, provides immediate feedback, simulates real-world scenarios — and improves retention. With progressive goals and customizable rewards, American Mogul promises to have your staff begging for more.

80% right can be very expensive

A passing score of 80% typically represents four missed questions. Really? Four missed BSA questions? You simply can't afford for your employees to be just 80% right. You need to be 100% confident your team has the skills and knowledge to be compliant — and to perform at the highest level. Dynamic Learning automated remediation fills in the gaps and promotes 100% mastery.
Examiners — and your bottom line — will thank you.

Amp up the engagement with video.

Video rules!!! Ignite their thirst for learning, don't extinguish it. Having a few video-based courses is fine if your learners are only taking a few courses. But, if you're delivering a well-rounded training program, you want courses delivered the way adults learn. And they learn best by seeing, hearing and doing —
all of which are part and parcel of every Dynamic Learning course.

Help you need now, not two weeks later.

Got a quick question? Need some customization? Want help planning out next quarter's curriculum or strategizing priorities? The list goes on. Consider us an extension of your training department. Our customers are our priority and we practice what we preach.
Reach out via bvsLive, phone, email and snail mail.

Built-in federal compliance support. Yours for the asking.

Access to the BVS Compliance Center is somewhat akin to having great health insurance: we have you covered for all Federal compliance concerns. Not only do you get customizable updated policy templates, compliance planning calendars, guidance on upcoming changes, and complimentary, federally-related email consultations with our compliance experts—but you can also count on timely course updates ready to train when (or before) a new or updated reg comes into effect.
Managing compliance has never been easier.