When Training Quality Counts

Interactive, customizable, up-to-date courseware together with a multi-functional intuitive LMS. State-of-the-art video-based training in the areas you need most: compliance, soft skills, member service, management, lending — and more. Courses your staff need to take presented in a way they'll want to take.

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8 Major Reasons Why You'll Love Dynamic Learning

1 We take your security very seriously. Defending your institution against cyberattacks and ransomware threats takes planning, training, testing and follow-through. Enhanced, regularly updated security training along with simulated phishing (SAFE) is easily assigned and captured in one place: BVS' Monarch LMS.
2 Video, video, video. Not just in the occasional course, but throughout our multiple libraries. High-quality video storytelling and simulations maximize engagement.
3 Interactive courseware designed for today's learner. Libraries and curriculums are designed to provide not only what your auditors require, but also what your institution requires to stay competitive and profitable. Custom tutor and micro-learning are designed to save time without sacrificing quality. Soft/business skills, financial education for staff, assessments, career-pathing, and the ability to become a Lifestage Financial Consultant (LSFC) contribute significantly to professional development.
4 No $$$ surprises. The BVS libraries and regular updates are all included. So is help customizing courses. Respond to your organization's needs without worrying about additional costs.
5 Comprehensive, no-brainer LMS. Customized reports, policies, curriculums, assignments, schedules and more are easy to create and distribute. Spend less time administering training and more time helping your people grow. BVS invented User-Friendly.
6 Compliance, compliance, compliance. In-house legal and CRCM/CAMS experts ensure up-to-date content, provide customizable policy templates and deliver individual, as-needed federal compliance guidance. The courses you need for new and amended regulations will usually be ready before the regs come into effect.
7 Your 'automation' wish list is a BVS reality. Included in your subscription with a click of a button: single sign-on; reporting (set it and forget it); HRIS feed; reminders — and so much more.
8 A great experience for your staff = a great experience for your members. Isn't that why you train? To stay in business, to grow your business — you need to take care of your members. BVS Dynamic Learning will help you do just that.
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