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    January 4, 2018 The Importance of Knowing Your Customer by Robin Chaffe, Executive Vice President, Account Management

    Many organizations tout the value of superior customer service, but too often fall short of delivering on that promise. By taking a few extra steps, any company can improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

    Let's face it: most financial institutions have the same products and services; but you can differentiate your business by understanding your customers' unmet needs. Great customer service is a rare commodity these days. The best way to set your organization apart is by investing in great service and implementing a cohesive training program that puts employees in a position to succeed no matter the situation.

    Nearly 60 percent of small and regional financial institutions plan to make a significant investment in organic growth, a recent survey found. The most effective way to make that happen is to make customers happy enough to tell their friends and family about how great your service is, how understanding and patient everyone is regardless of what situation arises — how everyone understands their needs.

    BVS has a company-wide focus that revolves around a superb customer experience. We tailor our service to the preferences of every single individual. Regular contact with our customers ensures we clearly understand their business objectives and, as a result, they become part of our planning process and have a direct impact into how we develop our training programs, ClickBranch virtual digital banking software, client services teams and more.

    Great customer service is more than just a saying, it is a corporate culture; and our commitment to service starts from the top. Great leadership attracts great employees and even better clients.

    BVS is proud of our customer retention rate and aims to help our clients achieve similar or better results. Want proof? Here is just one of the many accolades we receive on a regular basis:

    I can't say enough times how amazed I have been with the amazing service, attention and responsiveness from all of you from day one. Besides the system being amazing, it's a huge plus when the customer service is nothing but service excellence.

    We strive for this type of consistency and urgency in our company service but you all hit the mark again and again. Thank you for an amazing new system and for your amazing service.

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