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    February 26, 2018 We're Doing It Our Way by Phyllis Simon, Director, Sales and Marketing

    After participating at other conferences for a number of years, we were recently asked why BVS decided to do our own thing this year. A reasonable question since we certainly value professional education and networking. The more, the merrier.

    Here's what it came down to. We have always prioritized our customer relationships which are primarily phone — and video-based. It's no surprise to anyone that in-person visits are expensive and, factoring in travel nightmares, often problematic. So there's no question that the opportunity to visit with our customers in one location is extremely appealing.

    Slowly, but surely, it dawned on us that planning a meeting specifically around our customers made the most sense. First, ask our customers what they want. Check. Find a great location. Check. Plan sessions that would inform and educate. Check. Ensure speakers who can make a difference. Check. Create a networking environment second to none. Check. Avoid the same old/same old. Check. Make it affordable. Check.

    If you're reading this and you're not a BVS client (why not?), you may think we have no interest in meeting prospective clients. On the contrary, we'd love to meet and chat with you. One on one. When we can truly focus on you and your training needs.

    Our May 6-8 User Group Meeting is sold out. Maybe next year?

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