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    January 11, 2018 Where will you be May 6-8? by Phyllis Simon, Director, Sales and Marketing

    If you're not at the Conrad Chicago you'll be missing out on what promises to be a magnificent BVS Users Group meeting. Not only will you have the opportunity to network with peers across the country but you'll also have access to top speakers on issues you're dealing with (or wondering about) daily. Of course we'll be looking at system/platform best practices. Of course there'll be lots of opportunity for discussion. And, of course there'll be time to kick back and share some great Chicago food.

    Speaking of great Chicago food: Sunday night's 'come-as-you-are' welcome dinner sets the stage for you to meet each other, most of our speakers and some of the BVS team — all the while enjoying the BVS approach to showing you how thrilled we are to see you.

    The serious work starts Monday morning with Scott Zimmer from Bridgeworks addressing 4 Generations in the Workplace Serving 4 Generations of Customers. A great opportunity to get the lowdown on generational uniqueness/differences and how this impacts personal and professional relationships. We've all got some pre-conceived notions of what's so about people depending on their age. Find out how that affects the workplace, training, and service.

    Who hasn't tried to figure out how to do an ROI for training? Try no longer: Laura Paramoure from eParamus will Take the Mystery out of ROI. If you thought ROI was all Greek or perhaps closer to doing calculus, you'll appreciate Laura's approach making this totally digestible.

    Some other Monday options led by the BVS team:

    • Curriculum Development 1, 2, 3 with Robin Chaffe, EVP Account Management
    • Course Authoring — It's All in the Script with Clancy Champanois, EVP, Production
    • The BVS/LMS: Do You Know What You've Got? with Linsey Merkle, VP, National Accounts

    Hmm, not enough for Monday yet? How about a lunchtime chat with Roy Karon, BVS President? Roy loves taking a look into the future of banking and training and looks forward to sharing his insights.

    To close out the day, gather round everyone. Coaching/Mentoring; Onboarding; Creating a Learning Culture; Increasing User Participation; Video Integration - and more. Many topic tables will be facilitated by industry peers and each will max out at 12 participants so there's ample opportunity for discussion. You'll have time for two different topics before you head out for dinner with old and new friends.

    Next month's blog will look at Tuesday's agenda, along with lots of stuff you'll want to know about the hotel and Chicago - our kind of town.

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