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Bank of Clarke County

Making the Business Case
for Quality Training

A Business Case for Better Training

After dealing with training providers that couldn't deliver, BJ Trussell, Training Director at Bank of Clarke County decided that a major change was due.

BVS was an investment that would provide everything the bank needed. Executives asked Trussell if she could justify the cost.

Looking at what BVS offered, Trussell saw an opportunity to transform the program and deliver benefits across the business. She made a case around the potential efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings.

The Solution

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    Migration to online and virtual training

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    Powerful learning management system

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    Responsive service and courseware

More Functionality, Greater Efficiency

From the outset, BVS worked closely with the bank to help it realize the extensive features and functionalities of the Dynamic Learning platform.

Given the geographical reach of the bank, migrating courses from in-classroom to online was a top priority. Through a combination of e-Learning and video conferencing, key courses are now delivered straight to staff.

According to Trussell: "Training can be run from the employees' desks, which saves time away from the office. This time is what's most valuable. Senior management agrees that this model helps us run more smoothly."

"Because BVS worked so well, we decided to move our new employee onboarding onto the platform. The speed and quality of this process has vastly improved, which saves our team a lot of time."

Designed for Vast Savings

By centralizing and automating its training management activity on Dynamic Learning, the bank has significantly reduced the time required for administration and reporting.

"The system is really well designed for the needs of financial institutions," Trussell says. "When examiners want to see a report, it takes us five minutes.

The bank has further realized time and resource savings through BVS courseware. Because BVS updates its training material ahead of the latest regulatory and industry developments, Trussell no longer has to spend time ensuring that courses are in line with what the bank needs.

"Anytime I ask for something, BVS acts fast. I have never received service like this."

Benefits Achieved

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    Greater efficiency across the program

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    Increased staff productivity

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    Acclaim from senior management

Training for Growth

With the BVS platform and courseware making training at the Bank of Clarke County more efficient, both Trussell and the bank's staff have additional capacity for curriculums that help support the bank's business growth.

"Prior to BVS, we were doing general training: compliance and a few other skills. I felt like we could do so much more without taking up a lot of time. Now, our training program fulfills that promise," Trussell says.

"Senior management trusted us with the decision and BVS has delivered time and time again. Our executives tell me that I was right - BVS really does see us through."