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Washington Federal

When Training Helps Drive
Explosive Business Growth

An Opportunity for Transformation

No one could have foreseen what was to unfold at Washington Federal when the bank decided to bring on a learning management system in 2013.

The bank had an immediate need: automate the collection of training records for regulatory compliance. Washington Federal could have easily ticked this box and moved on. But the bank had greater ambitions — for itself, its training program and the role that training would play in supporting its growth.

From the day the Dynamic Learning platform was selected to drive that transformation, BVS has helped the bank bring new branches, products and processes to life.

How Has The Bank Grown Since Taking On BVS?

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    Added over 90 branches

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    Increased staff headcount from 1,200 to nearly 2,000

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    Launched several products and services

"We've achieved all of this growth without needing to increase our training headcount. It should take a team of 10+ to do what we do with a team of two. When you look at that level of efficiency, BVS is well worth the investment."

How Was It Done?

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    Extensive customization

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    Scalability and functionality

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    Flexible, powerful courseware

Bringing a Vision to Life

BVS gave Washington Federal the tools, resources and hands-on support to harness the expansive capabilities of the Dynamic Learning platform and bring its training vision to life.

Customization — one of the main reasons why Washington Federal selected BVS — has been at the forefront.

"We develop custom courses and curriculums with strategic guidance from management across business lines in order to better serve the needs of each division," says Kim Robison, Senior Vice President at Washington Federal.

"We have a lot of unique requirements and the ability to take a BVS course, have our business executives review and compare against our own process and customize the courses to suit these needs has been critical."

"As our branch network grew, it was imperative to deliver a consistent training experience. With the scalability and functionality of Dynamic Learning, we've been able to provide a great experience across the board without straining our team or requiring additional resources in the field. Here, BVS is saving the company a lot of money."

Benefits Achieved

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    Business-critical support for new branches

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    Better learning and career support

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    Creation of a consistent high-quality program

Training Fosters Business Growth

As Washington Federal has pursued its ambitious business strategy, training has played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth rollout of crucial initiatives across its branches.

Creating custom e-Learning courses on Dynamic Learning has enabled the training team to vastly improve how they educate and support staff around the launch of new products and technologies.

As branch acquisitions ramped up, the team at Washington Federal developed a ‘Branch Conversion In-a-Box' program to ensure that the new employees could quickly get up-to-speed on the policies, processes, systems and culture of the bank.

Because of this roadmap, the training team and new employees are immediately aware of what training and certifications need to be undertaken. The transition process runs faster and better as a result.

"Through customized courses, employees have more time to get up to speed with these new technologies and do so at their own pace. Because of this, new technology adoption has been fantastic — and this approach saves us even more money."

Growing With BVS

Washington Federal continues to look to the future. The bank's training priorities evolve as new developments in the banking space unfold. The team continues to rely on BVS to be driver of that change.

"Whenever we see an area of vulnerability or a trend, we'll use BVS to address that," Robison says. "In the heat of the moment, BVS is always there. The support is so timely and the team is so knowledgeable. This is a true partnership."